Silent Walks
SE England

    Silent walks were originally set up by people who loved walking and enjoyed doing so in the company of a group but wanted the opportunity to walk without chatting for some of the time.

    People have different reasons for wanting to be silent – some like to meditate, others want to contemplate nature or notice more of the landscape they are walking through, others like the time to mull over thoughts and some just want to “zone out”. Whilst some people have an interest in meditation or have been on meditation walking holidays, there is no overall spiritual or other “agenda”. Each experience is very individual.

    Going for a walk on your own is a different experience to silent group walking. From a practical safety point of view, some people don't want to walk alone, or they don't want to spend a day entirely in their own company. Walking in silence in a group provides solitude but there is a connection between the group members even when in silence. Also the group set up allows for social interaction at lunchtime and afterwards. So for many it is the best of both worlds and it is certainly a different experience! Have a look at the FAQ page for more information.