Further details on walks - 2006

Saturday 14th January - Ashurst to Edenbridge

10 miles

Linear with lunch at The Fountain, Cowden

Walk report

Saturday 28th January - Sole Street circular (Book 2, walk no. 17)

A Silent Sole Street CIrcular is on offer this week. Train times are 10.41 Victoria to Sole Street, arriving 11.28. We will break the silence at lunch time in the pub and should join the other group there. There is an option to continue the silence in the afternoon for those who want to.

Saturday 18th February - Cowden to Eridge (Extra walk no. 3)

Length: 19.5 km (12.1 miles)

Meet at Costa coffee, London Bridge station 9:30 onwards or on the 10:08 train from London Bridge to Cowden arrives 10:53.

Buy a day return to Eridge. Return from Eridge xx:51

Walk Reports

Saturday 14th January 2006 - Ashurst to Edenbridge

Overcast day for this fairly easy walk. Lovely village and pub at Cowden. After lunch the route we took was a little hillier before lunch before the last couple of miles into Edenbridge for tea at The Old Crown. A little chat in the afternoon regarding route directions otherwise silent all day.