Further details on walks - 2007

Saturday 3rd February - Petersfield to Rowlands Castle

16km (9.9 miles) 3 out of 10 toughness.

Although there are one or two steep climbs, the gradients are not arduous, and your reward is some fine hilltop views in the second half of the walk.

10:30 Waterloo, arrives at Petersfield 11:34. (If travelling from Clapham Junction. 10:27 to Woking arr. 10:45, to pick up the 10:30 Waterloo train at 10:45.)

Sunday 30th June - Southease to Seaford Short Walk Option (Book 2, walk no. 26a)

12.3km (7.6 miles) 6 out of 10 toughness.

SILENT WALK Southease to Seaford Short Walk Option

Another opportunity for those who like the sound of silence to get together for a Silent Stroll. The silence will be for the first half of the walk only, starting when we leave Southease station and lasting up until lunch time. There are no pubs en route but plenty of picnic spots with great views. The plan is to meet up with the main walk participants at Seaford for tea and/or a swim.

As a point of interest for anyone thinking short walks are for lightweights, the general feedback for this walk on a previous occasion was that it felt a lot longer, probably due to the fact that it's relatively hilly and exposed (either that or we were all very unfit). We'll be doing the extra detour towards the end as well which adds a bit on.