Further details on walks - 2012

Sunday 8th January - Book 1 Walk 49 Boxhill to Leatherhead

11.5km (7.1 miles).

Due to request, this fab walk in a famous Surrey beauty spot, one of the favourites from Book 1 has been chosen. Instructions here.


Buy a return to Leatherhead. Return trains from Leatherhead at xx:23 and xx:53 back to London.

Walk report

Sunday 5th February - Extra Walk 57 Guildford via Chantries Hill

9.3miles (15km) OR 12.8 miles (20.6km)

Toughness 5 out of 10

Take the 10.00 train from London Waterloo (calling at Clapham Junction 10.09 & Woking 10.32), arriving Guildford 10.40. Return trains are 35 and 05 past the hour from Guildford.

A walk in the heart of the Surrey Hills, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The route is along the river to start with, then follows the North Downs way to the classic beauty spot of St Martha's church with its stunning panoramic view. After lunch it's woodlands and sandy heathlands back to a choice of tea places in Guildford. This walk has recently been revised to include an extension to Albury for the pub lunch (at The Drummond) due to the original recommended pub (The Villagers in Blackheath) being closed. There is the option to do the original route which does not go through Albury (a picnic lunch will be required as the alternative Percy Arms earlier on in the walk is temporarily shut) which is 9.3 miles or the 12.8 miles extended route via Albury.

Download instructions here

Walk report

Sunday 4th March - Book 1 Walk 22 Haslemere Circular

8.7 miles (14km) Toughness 4 out of 10

Take the 10.00 train from London Waterloo (calling at Clapham Junction 10.09), arriving Haslemere 11.06

Return trains are xx:17 and xx:42 past the hour.

The route is through very beautiful countryside. It is mainly National Trust land - mixed woods with blackberries and bluebells and heathlands of bracken, gorse, heather and bilberry, with fine views from Black Down (280 metres/919 feet), the highest point in both Sussex and the South Downs National Park. Route directions.

Sunday 1st April - Extra Walk Brockenhurst Circular

9.05 London Waterloo (9.13 Clapham Junction, 10.09 Woking) arrive Brockenhurst 11.17

Return trains 09 past the hour (journey time approx 2 hours 15 mins)

The somewhat long journey will be rewarded by lovely New Forest scenery. This is a map led walk and the suggested route will be NE to Balmerlawn, then N via Ranmor Inclosure and Kings Hat to Clay Hill. Then W via Brick Kiln Inclosure. NW to Oak Inn, Bank for lunch.

After lunch South via Gritnam Wood, Hurst Hill, Goldsmith Hill and Black Knowl to Brockenhurst where there is an idyllic tea shop.

The fares on this line are quite expensive - with a network rail card it will probably be around £25 from Waterloo. You can try booking in advance online to get a better deal.

Walk Directions.

Walk report

Sunday 29th April - Book 1 Walk 20 Milford to Haslemere

Approx 11 miles with the option of cutting off the last 2 miles or so if desired, by bussing it from the Devil’s Punchbowl café. The lunch stop is actually the café which the book says is three quarters of the way into the walk. Last time we did it we had a picnic lunch just over half way and stopped for tea in the café.

10.10 London Waterloo (10.10 Clapham Junction) arrive Brockenhurst 10.55.

Return trains are direct and 17 or 42 past the hour. Buy a return to Haslemere.

Sunday 27th May - Book 2 Walk 15 Coulsdon South Circular

Toughness 4 out of 10

This walk is now officially known as Riddlesdown to Coulsdon South. It was originally designed as a circular from Coulsdon South and starting from Coulsdon rather than Riddlesdown is not only a more attractive route through the lovely Happy Valley but is also more convenient for transport options. The only disadvantage is that the lunch pub The Fox is only a short way (2.3 miles) into the walk so a picnic lunch might be a preference for some. Please see below for walk instructions which involve bringing Book 2 and downloading the morning section as below.

Whilst in an urban area relatively close to London there are many delights on this walk, particularly the unspoilt and tranquil Happy Valley and there are some good views from Farthing Down and the short section of the North Downs way after lunch. There used to be a little tea caravan on Farthing Down which was handy for al fresco tea. Whether it is still there remains to be seen. There are supposedly plans to rebuild a café there but no doubt that will take many months.


Take the 10.25 from London Victoria, arriving Coulsdon South 11.04. Trains back are at 46 minutes past the hour. Journey time around 30 minutes.

A travelcard zones 1-6 will cover this walk. Otherwise buy a return to Coulsdon South.

More info on the walk here.

Download instructions for the revised morning section from Coulsdon South to the Fox (this is NOT in the editions of the book prior to the 2011 edition). You will need the book for the rest of the walk instructions which are not online!

Walk report

Sunday 24th June - Extra Walk 74d Christchurch to Barton-on-Sea

Toughness 2 out of 10

A coastal walk starting in Christchurch harbour followed by an exploration of the wilds of Hengistbury Head nature reserve and then past the colourful beach huts on Mudeford spit. A short ferry journey takes you across the mouth of the harbour to track along the long sandy stretch of coast the other side, passing Highcliffe Castle (an option for tea) and ending in the quiet resort of Barton on Sea where there is a delightful tea garden. Lunch is at Mudeford at the pub or cafe.

Trains: Waterloo 9.54, Clapham Junction 10.01, Christchurch 12.15

Return trains from New Milton are 01 past the hour, journey time 1hr 48. There is a 10 minute bus journey (bus no X1 or X2) from Barton on Sea to New Milton. Buses run at 16.37 and 18.37 to connect with the 17.01 or 19.01 train back to London. A taxi or walk (approx 2 miles on minor roads) are the other options. The walk takes around 3 hours which should leave plenty of additional time for lunch/tea and a swim. There are lots of good swimming spots for those wanting to brave the sea temperature – Highcliffe beach is particularly recommended with its backdrop of pine trees.

Directions here.

Walk Reports

Sunday 8 January, Book 1 Walk 49 Boxhill to Leatherhead

6 people came on this walk including one new lady.As usual a delightful walk and a pleasant stop at The Running Horses pub for lunch. We completed walk in good time zooming into Leatherhead at 3.00pm. All in all an enjoyable excursion.

Sunday 5th February - Extra Walk 57 Guildford via Chantries Hill

5, plus 2 on a later train. Narnia awaited us in the silent conifer woods at the top of Chantries Hill and St Martha's and a peaceful view of the snowy fields everywhere around and below us. Snow at least four inches thick at the top of the hills. Silence in the snow was particularly beautiful, followed by a twittering conversation and chocolate in the Drummonds.

Sunday 1st April - Extra Walk Brockenhurst Circular

8 people. Expert navigation from JL using a GPS as well as a map meant no getting lost which makes a change in the New Forest. Gorgeous sunny day and all the trees about to burst into bud. Good lunch at the pub in Bank and even better tea at the Thatched cottage in Brockenhurst served from a tea pot with a foxes mouth for the spout which caused a bit of mirth.

Sunday 27th May - Book 2 Walk 15 Coulsdon South Circular

Seven walkers plus one joining at the Fox. A very pleasant day, almost cloudless sky and no wind and so seemed even hotter than Saturday. After a drink at the Fox we went on to a newish area of access land at the top of the downs with great views to the south. Although just above the M25 and M23, the M25 is screened by trees and not intrusive so it makes a good picnic spot. At Chaldon Church we arrived in time for tea and cakes served in the new extension. The ladies of the parish plan to offer teas from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm every Sunday during the summer. Some having seen the punishment in hell for gluttony on the 12th century mural in the church decided to pass on the home made cakes. There is also a new refreshment wagon on the top of Farthing Downs open from 9:30am to 5:00 pm on both Saturdays and Sundays for the summer.